Bebe Rexha's Protégé Announced

Posted by Protégé Team Jun 7, 2022

Bebe Rexha and LOKRE Studio Collab in February of 2021

Bebe Rexha Launches Protégé Campaign to find a protégé to collaborate with on an upcoming instrumental album

"No matter what happens when after write together, I want you to know that you can always hit me up. Especially being a female, just give me a call for any advice you ever need. I've never really had a mentor at the beginning of my career, but now there are a couple people in the industry I can text like Alicia keys who I can always hit up and are there for me. This is more than just the collaboration - I'm on your squad" - Bebe Rexha to LOKRE

Bebe Rexha, known for her various songs over 1B streams, launched her campaign to find a protégé in November of 2021. Given her background in songwriting and production, she had a specific focus on wanting to find undiscovered talent to collaborate in her LA studio and write a song together. Bebe has had immense success given her regimented process to iterating to a product she deems valuable. After countless hours of work and effort, she has perfected her unique sound, message, and product. The submissions that came through the Protégé app ranged from teenagers in the United States just getting their grasp in the industry to seasoned veterans across the globe (Albania, Argentina, and many others to name a few).

Bebe Rexha Selection

After her and her team watched each submission, there were 16 submissions that were selected as finalists to get feedback from Bebe. From here, it was Solomon Newman Whyte, Jonathon Tilkin, and LOKRE that made it to the finalist round where Bebe would select her protégé. LOKRE's unique songwriting, feel, and general approach to music is what in turn made her standout and eventually be selected to work with Bebe in her studio.

LOKRE was able to meet Bebe in person for the first time in late March in LA where they were able to collaborate over two days. The collaboration spanned multiple hours and songs. We will be excited to see all the content that comes out of future collaborations between LOKRE and Bebe.