Breland's Protégé Announced

Posted by Protégé Team Jun 24, 2022

Breland (right) and Zachary Manno (left) discuss Protégé after a collaborating in the studio

BRELAND starts on Protégé to find Undiscovered Talent to Sign to Reservoir Publishing

“You’ve created a space where people can get the feedback they need on the work that they are so passionate about. And I definitely wish something like this had existed 6-7 years ago when I was reaching out to a bunch of people. All I wanted was someone in the industry to listen and hear, and give me feedback. If you don’t have that feedback it’s really hard to grow” - BRELAND

BRELAND, singer/songwriter/producer known for platinum debut song “My Truck”, started his campaign on Protégé back in September of last year to find undiscovered talent to sign to his publishing company Reservoir Media. Breland, part of WHY&HOW management, began his campaign at a similar time as Brian Kelley and were Protégé’s inaugural country music artists.

BRELAND selects Zachary Manno

After a few months of receiving submissions and leaving feedback, BRELAND came across a submission from Zachary Manno, a producer out of Nashville, and immediately knew this was the person to sign to his publishing company Reservoir. Manno’s submission showcased his versatility and production skills, something BRELAND was specifically impressed with amongst all the other talent that came across. To date, Manno has produced several works by country singer-songwriter Haley Mae Campbell and has already begun collaborating with BRELAND on upcoming music for acts including country supergroup Lady A.

BRELAND said, “I’m thrilled to be able to give Zach this chance to work with Reservoir, especially to access so many resources that can take his hard work to the next level. I can’t wait to see what we cook up to release into the world.”